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Resistance training can help you add muscle and transform your body into a toned, fat burning machine!

After years of research and new exercise products on the market, one type of exercise still reigns supreme, resistance training! Use our site to learn about the amazing 1.5 lb resistance training tool that can effectively work and develop every major muscle group.

Whether you are a bodybuilder, model, housewife, working mom, busy dad, grandmother, adolescent or professional athlete, resistance training can enrich your life and make it better.

Of course resistance training can be performed with free weights and machines. The only problem with these two types are that they are bulky, take up space and are not portable. Well, there's great news! In recent years, there have been advances in effective workout systems, specifically elastics.

If you are considering purchasing elastics for your workouts or to supplement your workouts I encourage you to become familiar with Bodylastics, the adjustable elastic system that is highlighted on this website.

Welcome, I am Blake Kassel and I am the creator of Bodylastics exercise band home gym. Our unique exercise resistance band super system is a complete exercise or fitness center membership in a 2 pound bag Compare us to Bowflex and Soloflex

Come inside and see who we are. Take a look at what we do. Discover what we offer.  

Men, Women, Children, Elderly, Athletic, what we have was designed for you whether you are professional, just starting, need rehabilitation or want something so you can free up extra space in your home. Our friends in Japan where living spaces are quite limited really love us for that reason!  

I know I personally regret leaving home for business because that means I must actually go to a gym when I travel. I have to look for one, call them for directions, you know the routine.... 

Friends of mine even use Bodylastics to warm themselves up before they go on stage or head out to the playing field. The uses are endless.  

I truly LIVE for your emails!
Blake Kassel
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Resistance training is getting more and more good press

It seems that every year more experts and authorities on health and fitness are recommending resistance training to help with weight control and quality of life. Even Dr. Phil has been recommending resistance training to people who are trying to lose weight. Why? It is simple, because resistance training promotes muscle growth. This increase of muscle is what transforms your body into a fat burning machine. I always say "The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn." You see, if you have more muscle, your body's metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories) will end up consistently faster - even when you sleep. There are even studies that prove that resistance training is a better calorie burning exercise than aerobics. Click here to read the article.

I remember seeing an article in a fitness magazine years ago which detailed an experiment that was done with triplet girls. These girls were in their early twenties and all had nearly identical weight and body ratios. The experiment was designed to show what type of exercise would yield the greatest benefits to the participant. Since they were using identical triplets it was like being able to experiment with the same person at the same starting point. Each one of the triplets was placed on an exercise program that stressed a different type of exercise. The first triplet followed a program of yoga, the second triplet followed and aerobic program and the third performed resistance training. The exercise programs lasted for 8 weeks. At the end of the eight weeks the girls were tested for body fat and muscle density. Although the girls who performed aerobics and yoga had some improvements with their body composition, the hands down winner was the triplet who had followed a resistance training program.

I can tell from my own experience that once you have muscle more on your body your fight against fat becomes infinitely easier. I have been resistance training for 21 years and I have a nice amount of muscle on my frame. Life gets busy and there are plenty of days and weeks that I slip off of my healthy eating regimen and eat what is convenient and tastes good. If I did not have the extra muscle on my body I am 100% convinced that I would be much, much heavier. My body seems to be very forgiving of weak moments because it is constantly expending energy to move my muscles.

Do I need weights for resistance training?

No, you do not. To follow a resistance training program you just need a good source of resistance. One of the best and most convenient sources of resistance is exercise resistance bands or tubing. It's pretty simple, really. When you overload your muscle with resistance your muscle will have to adapt. How's it going to adapt? It is going to have to become stronger. How will it become stronger? It will have to get bigger. This is the principle of adaptation.

The greatest fact about working your muscle against resistance is that your muscle does not know the type of resistance it is. Yes, your muscle is blind. It will not know whether you are working with free weights, machines or exercise resistance bands.

Bodylastics comes with a full 90 day unconditional warrantee!

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